robot hamburger hilarity

adventure #2 in posting blogs: fun!

i figured for my first foray into this daily blogging effort, i would just post some random things. which is really my plan for the other forays, too. so! comedy events, videos, etc.

1. tonight neil hamburger is in town and i am going to see him! yay! mississippi studios at 9pm. i am going there after my improv class’s performance at curious comedy theater and hopefully will not arrive too late. i am geeked as hell about getting to see him perform in person.

to celebrate the occasion, my current favorite youtube of him:

2. there is comedy all the time in portland! tonight at the clinton street theater there’s a big show of local folks put together by mikey kampmann and andrew michaan. starts at 9pm, only $6 mere dollars for more than 6 comics. because of heretofore mentioned events, i’m not gonna be able to make it, but considering the line-up it will surely be a rad show!


3. this is a big dancing creepy robot!!! my brother finds amazing documentation of our society’s inevitable fall to the robot army. we’re one step closer to death by hubris, folks. and of course it’s in dubai.

4. heathers has been on my mind since big jim dropped a dead gay senator bomb on suki’s open mic last week. that’s as good a reason as any to watch it again!


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