a walken the park

so i love christopher walken. i think he is an awesome actor and a hilarious person, and i seem to like every second of his performances every time. hyperbolic? yes. is walken worth it? yes. i don’t know what exactly it is – maybe it’s that even though he’s an actor he appears to be able to be nothing but himself. or maybe that’s what makes him a great actor. but the ego that is walken fasinates me. and then i heard that he was reading lady gaga on the bbc!!
i just watched the christopher walken/ lady gaga video. it was everything you would hope for and more. in celebration and in an effort to do something other than watch the rest of season 3 of “lost” on hulu, i’ve compiled a small gathering of fantastic walken videos, in no particular order despite that they are numbered.

1. walken poker face. OOH. i just wish he’d gotten farther in the song. walken saying “bluffin’ with my muffin” might have been the greatest six syllables to never exist.

2. snl – walken as a census taker. deliberate, dedicated absurdity. i think it’s my favorite snl bit of his (sorry cowbell, i still love you). “do you own or rent this apartment?” “sure.”

~~~walken fun fact: christopher walken did not run for president in 2008!~~~

3. weapon of choice. i could watch walken dancing to a man plucking a rubber band and snorting rhythmically. happily the song is also rad. he actually helped choreograph this because he is that awesome.

4. puss in boots. oh my god every time i thought he was gonna say “these boots were made for walken.” it doesn’t happen, but this is tragically ridiculous anyway and he still makes it compelling.

~~~walken fun fact: eight separate actors impersonate christopher walken in the play “all About walken”!~~~

5. conan interview. this is long but it’s worth it because 1) it’s 10 minutes of walken and 2) he talks extensively about how he wants a tail and what he would do with it and it makes him soooo happy, which, in turn, makes me happy. i especially love how he owns the interview the whole time, like says nothing for 45 seconds and then cracks conan up. the psychiatrist story at 3:00 is a thing of beauty.

[[edit: the embedding doesn’t work but click it and you will be taken to the website. taken, i say!]]

6. henry rollins interview. walken’s best moment is 0:37, “i’m not sure i am an actor.” (side note: anybody else feel like henry rollins is mostly a tool? someone being worth their weight in salt would mean they were worth probably around $200-$300. ner.)

~~~walken fun fact: christopher walken prefers not to discuss his family life in public!~~~

7. pennies from heaven. how could anything possibly better than the fatboy slim video? how about he also strips! and he’s young and rocking the slightly gender ambiguous eyeliner look, double plus.

8. three little pigs. this is probably the most amazing video i came across tonight. more children’s lit. also his sweater is hot. (untrue)

thank you christopher walken for existing so publicly!


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