more stand-up this weekend!

Keep Portland Funny rocked the hells out last night. don’t forget that Comedy is OK tonight, and every night, but tonight especially (they were in the Mercury!) at 9pm at clinton street theater.

and tomorrow is friday!  you have two excellent comedic entrees.

~Lonnie Bruhn is celebrating his birthday by hosting a rad-tastic show headlined by the illustrious Kristine Levine (twice in a week hot damn!). A rowdy and hilarious time to be sure.

Boss Hawgs
617 NE 102nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220-4004
Show starts at 9:00, FREE!

——–> and!

~ tomorrow’s Bagdad showcase is going to be great! (yes, that’s right, a double dose of the Shane Train and Gabe Dinger this week for you too. so you are triple lucky.)  starts at 10:30, only $5.


also rad: local heroes Veronica Heath and Richie Stratton, all the way back from Kentucky, are at Harvey’s this weekend. so i am hosting the mt. tabor mic tonight, starts early at 8! so fun times are approaching faster than usual, friends.



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