Portland stand-up, 12/4 to 12/10

hola amigo chachos. did you know that there is craptons of comedy all the time in portland? (craptons being the metric unit of “quite a bit this week.”) in my relatively futile quest to chronicle shows that are coming up, here is what is happening for the next 7 or so days!

—— Friday 12/4/09 ——

Bagdad is rocking hella early this week with some Really Awesome Comics. Ron Funches and Cody Cooper are coming from out of town. Virginia Jonesis coming from out of this world. Fuck yeah.

And because it is early, it conflicts *not at all* with another rad show out in Troutdale this very same night! I am hosting the shit out of this show. Really. No more shit will be left when I’m done hosting.

Skyland Pub
3175 S Troutdale R,d Troutdale, OR
Lonnie Bruhn
Also Josh Lay, Jon Green, and Jessa Reed (9 months funny)

—— Saturday 12/5/09 ——

Bridgetown alum and fantastic comic Chris Hardwick comes to town.

Chris Hardwick
Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukie Avenue
Portland, OR 97202
9:00 pm

No poster, so instead here is a picture of him. Isn’t he startlingly attractive?

——– Wednesday 12/9/09 ———

Do you like not knowing if a poster is vaguely offensive or just funny? Dennis Williams does. And his shows are great. This month’s Keep Portland Funny will rock Kelly’s hardcore.

——Thursday 12/10/09 ———

Did you forget? Yes you did! Because you smoke pot! So it is excusable. The Marijuana-logues are going to smoke out the Bagdad. With their words. Because marijuana is not legal yet folks.

(Did you notice how when you clicked on it you went to the Mercury blog entry on it? Yeah, that is all the work of Dennis Williams, my man on the inside.)


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