Skyland and Tabor and Bears, oh my!

I have a busy weekend and I wanted to tell you about it! Because I know you care. I have to believe that you care.

—-> Point of Great Interest #1

I already posted about this but I needed the name to make the Wizard of Oz reference work in the subject. I am comedying this Friday out at Skyland Pub! At 10 pm, you will find me at 3175 S Troutdale Rd. in fair Troutdale, Oregon. I am hosting. Lonnie Bruhn is headlining. Josh Lay, Jon Green, and Jessa Reed are in between me and him. A big awkward pregnant sandwich we’re making here. And it’s free!!

—-> Point of Great Interest #2

I am taking over hosting duties for Freak Show Comedy at the Mt. Tabor Lounge! This is a rad weekly open comedy mic. I am taking over for the inimitable Veronica Heath, who has gone to a better place (Harvey’s and sundry Oregon casinos where they pay her to host). Come by any Thursday and check out what is relatively new and not infrequently exciting. Except next Thursday, then you should go to the Marijuana-logues dammit please.

——-> Point of Great Interest #3

Ho ho hold the phone, friends. What are you doing Sunday December 6? You are helping raise money for Esther’s Pantry with me and a whole much of Big Gay Bears!! This Beary Merry Holiday Show is going to be a freaking hoot. My favorite clergyfolks in town, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, will be rocking out at Darcelle’s along with many other Gay and Gay-like People. I will most certainly be talking about cupcakes. It’s only $5, come have a great time!


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