Stand-Up in Portland 12/17 – 12/19, plus some random pictures

holy crap there is comedy in portland all the time!


Hit up the Clinton Street Theater for the hippest showcase in town. Decision Makers Penthouse videos along with a rad line-up of comics, including Dax Jordan!!

[unless you want to come to my FREAKING AWESOME OPEN MIC at mt. tabor theater at the same time. you could definitely do that too and santa and jesus would understand.]]


Bagdad Graduation Show!!!

This will be a super time.

Yay Bagdad!! It’s 10 pm on Friday, a freaking bargain-basement $5 for all these comics. And we will party afterwards because liquor is the reason for the season, and besides that is what you do after a graduation!


Get thee to Curious Comedy Theater for an awesome show late Saturday night. What else are you doing, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special again? They edited out Linus’s anti-consumerism speech. Take action! Laugh in protest! Come see a hilarious comedy show instead!

So all that and more is happening this week. Now you know! I’ll leave you with a series of patches from the costume I made to play a North Pole anarchist this past weekend at curious.


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