in sig nif i cance~

a minor update here for el bloggo, mostly so i can show off the pretty new theme on my blog. ooh, aah, isn’t it lovely? it is sleek, they say, sleek like a wet seal or a person wearing a shiny vest. and it has my name in the title. i could never get my blog to show up in google and i think that was why. we will see. well, i will see and you will care very little one way or the other, because obviously you found it, didn’t you, you clever thing, you. ::nose tweak::

i have been plugging away at the comedy blog and getting promotional stuff in order for the two shows i’ve got coming up. Naked Lobster Cabaret is in two weeks and Laugh Riot at the E Room is a month away (i shall post about that one in a rambly fashion soon enough i’m sure). much to be done!

this weekend i’ve got a couple shows. heading out to a beer and pizza place in gresham tonight with jon green and lonnie bruhn and dylan kasprzyk, rowdy rowr rowr. tomorrow i’ll be at curious doing comedy in their mainstage variety show. chillaxity chill chill. i really like when my weekends are full of contrasting performance atmospheres.

i feel i should leave you with some sort of reward for getting to the end of this relatively drab post. so…….. here! it is always time for eddie izzard. dress to kill is my favorite (ever, in the history of anything), but i adore the frenetic energy he has in glorious. this is them dragging rwanda back.


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