Naked Lobster Cabaret wrap-up

Well goddamn my friends. We are a couple days since the very first Naked Lobster Cabaret and I have to say I was nothing less than elated with the results. The crowd was engaged and having fun the whole time, despite starting even later than expected! It certainly helped that all four performers blew it out of the water. Dax Jordan and Christian Ricketts (as John Cotton Dalton) were hilarious, both of Angelique DeVil’s pieces were wonderful, and Jeff Burk tore down the house (LITERAL CARDBOARD HOUSES) with his Super Giant Monster Time! performance. [NOTE: Check out Jeff’s write-up of the whole extravaganza here on his blog!]

There are still images pending, and I will compile them all in a fancy-schmancy Facebook fan pages for NLC in the next couple weeks, but here are some of my favorites that I think Rose O’Keefe of Eraserhead Press snapped up:

Angelique DeVil enchants us the first time as a very polite dancer.

Christian Ricketts as John Cotton Dalton
Jeff Burk and all three of his Super Giant Monsters, culled from the audience.
Super Giant Monster Smash!!!
And Dax Jordan takes us all the way home.

And lastly but not leastly, some thanks are in order. The Hawthorne staff is top-notch, bar staff to door folks to management. Rayleen Courtney of SinnSavvy Productions and Savoir Faire weekly burlesque night is on the apex of the thanks list. Her vision, and her respect for performers of all stripes, are inspirations to me. Her support was crucial in making Naked Lobster an amazing success. Also deserving of great heaps of thanks are Tyler Spencer for taking the pictures and manning the door when that wasn’t happening. (I can’t wait to see the premier of some of his short films at Mr. Average Presents this Saturday at Hawthorne Lounge! I’m doing a bit of comedy and I’m an old lady in one of the videos!) And of course, thanks by the pound to the performers who helped make the show that I could see in my head happen in the real world, and the audience who was there.

Stay tuned to this channel, my arms in comrades! I have a show coming up at the E Room in less than two weeks that is going to knock your socks clear off, and Naked Lobster will definitely return in April to once again fuse the worlds of comedy, burlesque, and Bizarro. Life is grand sometimes, folks. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”


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