Laugh Riot at the E Room on Thursday!!

There is never any reason to rest when there can be another show coming up instead! I’m super duper trooper excited about this Thursday, March 4, because I’ve got a decidedly killer show lined up at the E Room (aka the Egyptian Club) at 3701 SE Division.

Who is gonna be doing this killing, you say? How about some of the profound comedic talent that is Virginia Jones? What about a bit of religious longing and poultry production from none other than Cody Smith? Maybe a little taste of the unique macabre sweetness of Jimmy Newstetter? And then a smattering of dragtastic glory from Belinda Carroll? Rounded all out with a nip of the dry wry homefry known as Marcia Belsky? Yeah. This show will be seriously freaking sweet. Sweet as sugar after all you’ve had is artificial sweetener for six years. Yeah. That sweet.

Can’t wait to see you at the E Room at 9 pm, friends!!


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