I produce and co-produce a lot of shows. It makes me happy. Here’s a list of some of them.

The Weekly Recurring Humor Night
CHAD Chats: Satirical PowerPoint Presentations (with Mykle Hansen)

Fool’s Gold: A Comedy Variety Show (with Jimmy Newsetter)
GAG: A Drag/Comedy Showcase (with Saturn)
Action Comics (with Jessie McCoy)
The Smutty Clown X-Rated Open Mic (with Sterling Clark)
Spy Girl Spied (with Saturn)
Hangover Helper: A Comedy & Burlesque Brunch Show (with Miss Frankie Tease)
Laughterglow: Comedy Night at the E-Room
Naked Lobster Cabaret

I have also worked on the staff of comedy festivals, including:

Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Portland (2013 – Co-producer, 2012 – Stage Manager Coordinator)San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival (2012 – Stage Manager Coordinator)


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